Update 3/20/17
I just wrapped up seven years(!) working on a new and long (250,000-word) novel. Here's the pitch: Set in the near-future, Cultivation tells the story of George Harris, a man under the misapprehension that he’s hit rock bottom. Ten generations of his forefathers cajole, complain and compliment his striving toward self-improvement, even as his journey ultimately leads him to join—and be expelled from—a doomsday cult on the eve of the end of the world. There are shark attacks, nudist camps, massages gone awry, Somali pirates, Victory Garden marathons, paternity revelations, confrontations with the Marines while in flagrante delicto, and visits to IKEA. Both sincere and comic, the novel sets out to capture George’s earnest attempts to become worthy of fatherhood in a world pitching toward its end.

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